CyberCorps is a collaborative partnership that provides STEM focused, high-quality technical training and support to students who, in turn, give sustained, job imbedded, just-in-time IT support and training to their teachers. The CyberCorps students are supervised by their CyberCorps leaders who are teachers in their schools. The CyberCorps leaders and students are trained at a two day Boot Camp and throughout the school year by technology professionals. The VHS CyberCorps adviser is Mr. Peterson. Contact him for more information.


M I T App Inventor
To make cool apps for your phone or your computer (with an emulator) use this app. Have fun! logo
Visit for an hour of code, lessons for teachers, or for fun!
Khan academy logo
Go to khanacademy for study and a design studio. Post your designs on the studio!
This is a simple code making site using blockly, one of the simplest programming langauges. Enjoy!