VHS Students Participate in Job Readiness Workshop

Office of Voc. Rehab Workshop

Every year the counselor organizes opportunities for students to participate in completing mock job applications and mock job interviews. Mrs. Chamberlain invited the Office of Vocational Rehab to come and do a job readiness workshop with every student in the school, grades 7-12.  The readiness workshop included tips and instruction on important employability skills and focused heavily on job interviewing skills. This is all-in an effort to help students become more prepared to enter the workforce and have successful careers.

Joanie Weatherly, Jake Marino and Kester Tapaha were the presenters from St. George. They gave lots of useful information on job interviews, including how to dress, how to present yourself, and more. They even acted out job interviews, with Ms. Weatherly acting as the employer, and Mr. Tapaha and Mr. Marino acting as hopeful job applicants. Mr. Tapaha showed us proper interviewing skills, while Mr. Marino demonstrated how not to act at a job interview. Mr. Marino’s mock interview was very helpful in showing the “don’t”s of job interviews.  In another mock job interview, Mr. Tapaha (who became blind about three years ago) was well-dressed, attentive, and respectful. He was also very open with his employee about his disability and shared with his employer what accommodations  he would need. Afterwards, he shared with the students his experiences with being blind and how it has affected his life.
 O.V.R. Workshop Mock Interview          O.V.R. Workshop Mock Interview
Mr. Tapaha’s Mock Interview (Left) and Mr. Marino’s Mock Interview (Right)
We are very thankful that they took the time to come and share their knowledge with us.