About VHS

Valley High School
Valley High School is a small public high school located in beautiful Southern Utah along scenic Highway 89. The school serves students from the rural towns of Orderville, Glendale, Alton, Duck Creek, Mount Carmel, and surrounding areas. 
150 N Center Street, Orderville UT
Type- Public High School
Classification- 1A, Region 20
Motto- Education Today, Success Tomorrow
School District- Kane County School District
Principal- Jim Wood
Faculty- 21
Grades- 7-12
Enrollment- 139
School Colors- Orange and Black
Mascot- Buffalo
Phone- (435) 648-2278
Fax- (435) 648-2366
Email- woodj@kane.k12.ut.us

Vision and Mission Statement

The following historical information about Valley High School's early years are excerpts from a booklet titled "Valley Through the Years, 1910-1941". It was created by the Valley High School Class of 1987. To view the original booklet in it's entirety, click here.

The Old Rock School that the Valley students went to back in the early 1900's was built in 1886-1887 out of rock which was taken from a hill above Orderville by Henry W. Esplin and Hans Sorensen...

In the early 1900's the big rock up on the hill was used for a landmark. When the wagons came, they would look for that rock. Before it was painted, it looked like a chimney, so they called it Chimney...

Of all the places you have been, in how many of them did you see numbers on a hill close by? As far as we know, Valley High School was the first and only school to do this. After a while, it became...

Want to know what Valley High School was like back in the day? You can visit Skalooza and view yearbooks starting in the year 1940!