School Climate Survey

Kane School District is asking for your help in completing this survey for your school and/or teacher.  We value the input that we receive from employees, parents and students to help us identify and improve our school climate and academics.  Please take a moment to provide this valuable feedback.  The survey window is from March 2nd until March 15th.

•    In the Parent Survey, you will need to identify which school you are filling the survey for and indicate the number of teachers your student or students have.  This can be completed for multiple teachers if you have more than one student that attends the same school.  After you complete the survey for the number of teachers you marked, the survey will ask you specific questions regarding the school and administration.

Be assured that all comments and survey information is completely anonymous so you can feel comfortable sharing your true feelings and opinions.  Please know that we value the time that you take to complete these surveys and all results and comments shared will be reviewed by school administration.

To access the Parent Survey, please click on the following link: 

Thank you in advance for your participation.