“Site” of Excellence

Normally, we hold a Night of Excellence in the Gym to honor the creative work students have done in various classes. This year, we’ll do it on a Site instead. Please enjoy the work the students have accomplished!

Click on the titles to view or listen to the students’ projects.

If you would like to give feedback to any of the creators, please email them c/o Mr. Lacey at laceyr@kane.k12.ut.us

Music Ensembles

These were all recorded by individual students in their homes, then combined into a single recording by Mr. Lacey.

Intermediate Orchestra


Canyon Sunset

Chamber Orchestra

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

Allegro in C

Fugue in G MinorCello Quartet


Festival Sanctus

The Lord Bless You and Keep You

Make Me an Instrument

It is Well with my Soul

Independent Music Projects

These were created by students on their own, often with very little teacher guidance.

I See Fire – Luke and Jaxon

Good Morning Baltimore – Kamryn

In DreamsAbi

Mozart Piano Sonata in F – Abi

Remember When – Ben

Wayfaring StrangerAlex

Just a Friend to You – Hannah

Music of the Night – Kacie and Jodi

Someone you Loved – Max

Beat Project – Max

Falling in Love With You – Max

House of the Rising Sun – Hazel

Hallelujah – Hazel

Rainbow – Hazel

Blagoslovi Dushe Moya Ghospoda – Mr. Lacey

Wreck of Old 97 – Mr. Lacey

Visual Arts

Lego Western Movie – Hadley

“Old Truck” – Layton

Silhouette Project – Art Classes

Graphic Design Projects – Ruger Reeve


Food Chain – Life Science Class Project

Shop Projects

3D Printed Guitar Photo and Song Sample – Alex

Shield Photos 1 and 2 – Alex

Boar Mount – Warren


“Baseball Perseverance” – Hadley